1927 Model Infantry Cannon. 76.2mm – Live Firing

The Soviet built 1927 Infantry Cannon was designed to give a degree of direct artillery support to their infantry formations. With a 76.2mm caliber it was capable of delivering a large Anti Personnel exploding shell up to 4,000 meters. It was also capable of firing an Anti Tank round with an effective range of 1,000 meters.

When the German Army invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, many of these weapons were captured intact by the German forces. They were immediately pressed into use by the Germans and was redesignated as  the 7.62 cm Infanteriekanonehaubitze 290(r)

Many of the artillery pieces were removed from the front lines and used to increase the amount of artillery positioned in the Atlantic Wall defences. 2 of these cannons were emplaced at the Maisey Battery in Normandy and fired on the invading American forces on D-Day.

Our Cannon was cast in 1930. It is in full working condition and we are currently presenting the gun in the German 3 colour camouflage scheme as it would have been seen in Normandy in 1944.


This is an original 1927 Model Infantry Cannon. 76.2mm. It is a practical weapon and is fully functioning.

All weapons in this hire category are capable of firing live ammunition and are therefore strictly controlled by the UK firearms act. However, for film and theatrical use, we have adapted many of our firearms to function firing blank rounds only.

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